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Human Resources

Basic Idea

At Nippon Shinyaku, we believe that human resources are the driving force for sustainable growth. As one of the principles of our Business Philosophy, “Employees: Develop Each Employee”, each and every Nippon Shinyaku employee is treasured for his or her personality and given the opportunity to grow as a person and mobilize his or her potential to the fullest.
Nippon Shinyaku is reinforcing its support and training to foster global human resources as it expands throughout the world. Our support for acquiring language skills consists of both Foreign Language Learning Support courses for all who apply and the Business English Practical Training Program for employees who possess a certain level of English ability so that they can make practical use of their English. Based on the idea of shifting from “learning English” to “using English,” the Business English Practical Training Program offers participants the opportunity to improve their English through activities such as English meetings and discussions. Between December 2016 and December 2021, 310 employees took Foreign Language Learning Support courses and 60 employees took part in the Business English Practical Training Program.
We also offer support for overseas study so that employees, who are responsible for the future of the Company, can study at overseas universities, laboratories, or other entities in order to learn about global business and expand their knowledge. The goal of the support is not only to allow participants to acquire knowledge and build networks in specialized fields but also to help them experience life in other countries and culture as part of the development of a globally capable workforce equipped to meet modern business challenges. The system provides support for two types of study—for the employeeselected type, support is provided for employees studying abroad at research institutions that they choose themselves, and for the Company-selected type, employees who want to study at a research institute selected by the Company apply for the program. Between April 2016 and December 2021, five employees used this system.

Strength of human resources that creates competitiveness

At Nippon Shinyaku, we believe that individual employees can achieve personal development while contributing to the company’s growth when they think and act proactively, taking up new challenges. A LIFO diagnosis,* which analyzes the behavioral traits of people, revealed that 32% of all Nippon Shinyaku employees possess an adapting/dealing (AD) behavioral style in regular times, but that figure grows to 50% in stress times. This is characteristic of many people skilled at working closely in teams and adapting when facing some sort of change. This trait of our human resources is a strength of Nippon Shinyaku, and a unique aspect of the Company. In addition, 31.5% of all employees hold a doctorate or master’s degree, in fiscal 2021, and we are increasing the number of R&D employees through new graduate and mid-career recruits.

  • * LIFO diagnosis, a self-diagnosis based on the LIFO® survey, is a program to focus on and leverage people’s strengths. It deepens people’s understanding of themselves and others and promotes changes in the behavior of individuals. The name LIFO comes from “Life Orientations.


Education and training system “CASA” (Career Support Academy)

At Nippon Shinyaku, we believe that individual employees can achieve personal development while contributing to the company’s growth when they think and act proactively, taking up new challenges. This is the basic idea behind our education and training system called “Career Support Academy”, or “CASA” for short, structured in three levels: “Basic”, “Skill Up” and “Challenge.”

Rather than having every employee participate in the same program, we encourage employees to reflect upon their own strengths and weaknesses, and select their own subjects accordingly from a broad curriculum. In fiscal 2021, a total of 13,070 hours was spent on this training.

Related Initiatives

Next-Generation Leader Training

Nippon Shinyaku’s in-house education and training were reformed based on the President’s policy that the company should actively support individual employees who think positively and constantly strive for personal development. In FY 2007, the company inaugurated a New-Generation Leader Training Program for employees in managerial positions around the age of 40 slated to join the management team in the near future. The program offers a range of opportunities to acquire basic management knowledge and skills through

collective training sessions, external educational programs, two-way interactions with top management, and more. In FY 2012, a Next-Generation Leader Challenge Program was launched for employees around the age of 30. By creating a venue for employees to learn and gain experience that is difficult to do when conducting routine work, we are fostering leadership to move the organization.Between April 2007 and March 2022, 95 employees took part in the Next-Generation Leader Development Program and 69 employees took part in the Next-Generation Leader Challenge Program.

Nippon Shinyaku’s in-house education and training were reformed based on the President’s policy that the company should actively support individual employees who think positively and constantly strive for personal development. In FY 2007, the company inaugurated a New-Generation Leader Training Program for employees in managerial positions around the age of 40 slated to join the management team in the near future. The program offers a range of opportunities to acquire basic management knowledge and skills through collective training sessions, external educational programs, two-way interactions with top management, and more. In FY 2012, a Next-Generation Leader Challenge Program was launched for employees around the age of 30. By creating a venue for employees to learn and gain experience that is difficult to do when conducting routine work, we are fostering leadership to move the organization.Between April 2007 and March 2022, 95 employees took part in the Next-Generation Leader Development Program and 69 employees took part in the Next-Generation Leader Challenge Program.


Employees & Promoting Women in the Workplace

Classification Units FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Management Total number of managers persons 321 329 331 343
Number of female managers persons 25 32 34 38
Ratio of female managers % 7.8 9.7 10.3 11.1
Executives Total number of executives persons 555 554 555 571
Number of female executives persons 72 78 84 92
Ratio of female executives % 13.0 14.1 15.1 16.1
Number of employees Total number of employees persons 1,761 1,793 1,806 1,827
Number of female employees persons 494 516 529 552
Ratio of female employees % 28.1 28.8 29.3 30.2
Number of recruits Total number of recruits persons 72 79 76 57
Number of female recruits persons 25 28 33 28
Ratio of female recruits % 34.7 35.4 43.4 49.1
Average years of service Average years of service years 17.5 17.8 17.3 17.4
Number of female employees years 17.3 18.1 16.7 16.5
Number of male employees years 17.5 17.7 17.6 17.8
Difference in average length of service for female and male employees years -0.2 0.4 -0.9 1.3
Number of employees taking parental leave for childcare Number of employees taking parental leave for childcare male persons 0 7 14 30
Rate of uptake of parental leave for childcare male % 0 9.72 20.28 50
Number of employees taking parental leave for childcare Female persons 18 22 19 19
Rate of uptake of parental leave for childcare Female % 100 100 100 100
Paid annual leave acquisition rate % 70.6 71.3 63.5 63.5
Total annual working hours hours 1804.22 1791.6 1821.96 1819.89
Employee turnover % 1.49 1.68 1.97 1.66

Human Resources Development

Classification Units FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Training for new employees times 1 1 1 1
Training for newly appointed supervisors times 2 2 2 2
Compliance training times 12 12 12 12
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